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Consumer Information

If you're planning to attend UL Lafayette, this consumer information is what you'll need to know. The University is a public research institution located in Lafayette, LA. It has the largest enrollment — over 19,000 students — within the nine-campus University of Louisiana System and has the second-largest enrollment in Louisiana.

Accreditation & Licensure

For information on the University and Program Accreditation and Licensure, visit the University Catalog.

Federal, State, & Institutional Financial Aid Programs

The University offers several federal, state, and institutional financial and programs. View a complete list of these programs, along with applications and qualifications.

Information About Academic Programs

For a listing of all academic programs, academic departments, faculty by department, and curricula information, visit the University Catalog.

Costs to Attend the University

For information on estimated costs to attend UL Lafayette, view the costs to attend.

University Calendar

For important dates and deadlines for each semester, including tuition payment deadlines, deadlines to drop a class, and resignation deadlines, visit the Registrar's website.

Privacy of Student Records

The University is committed to protecting your academic records. View the University's Policy on Privacy of Student Records.

Procedures to Drop a Class or Withdraw from the University

For information on dropping a class or resigning from the University, visit the Academic Success Center.

Services for Students with Disabilities

The University is committed to providing the necessary support for your success. If you have a disability, visit the Office of Disability Services for a list of services and contact information.

Financial Aid for Students Studying Abroad

If you're studying abroad, you may qualify for federal, state, and institutional financial aid. Please meet with a financial aid counselor to discuss your options.

Transferring Credit from Other Universities

For information on transferring college credit from another college or university, visit the Academic Success Center.

Policies on Copyright Infringement

There are several academic policies concerning academic dishonesty that all students must be cognizant of and adhere to. The policies can be found online in the University Catalog.

Student Retention & Graduation Rates
First-Year Retention Rate 76%
Six-Year Graduation Rate  
All Students 48%
Student Athletes 66%
     - Female Student Athletes 68%
     - Male Student Athletes 64%
Average Cumulative GPA  
All Undergraduate (UG) Students 2.82
     - All UG Female Students 2.93
     - All UG Male Students 2.69
All Student Athletes 2.97
     - All Female Student Athletes 3.16
     - All Male Student Athletes 2.85
Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention

The University is committed to proactive measures in preventing drug and alcohol abuse. The policies are available to students in the online Student Handbook.

The policies are also available to University employees in the online Faculty Handbook.

Annual Security & Safety Reports

The University is committed to your security and safety. Please visit the University Police website for our annual reports.

Reports include:

  • Daily crime and fire log
  • Crime statistics
  • Annual security and fire report
Equity in Athletics

To request a copy of the 2022 Equity in Athletics Disclosure (EADA) report, please email Duane Bailey, Deputy Director of Athletics, Chief Financial Officer, & University Auxiliary Services, at

Questions? Contact Us

If you have any questions about the information on this page, need copies of any reports listed on this page or general questions about the University, please contact:

Dr. DeWayne Bowie
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Martin Hall, Room 248
(337) 482-5912