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Federal Verification

Federal verification is a process that requires institutions to verify the accuracy of information provided on a student's FAFSA in an effort to assure federal aid is distributed to those who are eligible.  Based on your responses to the questions on the FAFSA, additional information could be required to validate your financial aid application. 

Our office could be required to verify any of the following:

  • Household size (number of people in your household)
  • Number enrolled in college (number of household members attending a post-secondary educational institution at least half time)
  • Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) or income earned from work if income is below the minimum required for income tax filing
  • U.S. income tax paid for the base year
  • Child support paid for the base year
  • Receipt of food stamps/SNAP benefits for the base year and prior year
  • High school completion status
  • Identity/Statement of educational purpose
  • Certain untaxed income and benefits for the base year, such as education credits, untaxed IRA distributions, untaxed pensions, IRA deductions, interest on tax-free bonds

Please remember that your initial financial aid award is determined using your most current FAFSA information. If you are awarded while still under verification, your need-based financial aid could be increased, decreased or canceled altogether based upon the review of your verification documents.

See Documentation Requirements.