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Steps to Apply

Step 1 - File the FAFSA
  1. Apply for admission to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
  2. Review this website for information about various types of aid.
  3. Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for the applicable term each year.
  4. Follow your financial aid progress on New Ulink under the Tuition and Aid tab.
Step 2 - Review & Verification

Now that you have completed the FAFSA and have been admitted to the University, the next step is to ensure that your financial aid application is complete.

SAR Review.  Every applicant will need to review the Student Aid Report (SAR) for accuracy. The FAFSA that you submitted is processed by the Central Processing System (CPS) and generates a SAR. If you do not receive an email regarding your SAR within three weeks of submitting your FAFSA, contact the CPS at 800-433-3243 to check on the status of your application.

Verification.  Some applicants will be selected for a verification process. If you are requesting federal financial aid, which includes grants, loans, or work-study, you could be required to provide additional information or documentation to our office. Check your requirements on New Ulink - Tuition and Aid Tab. Respond quickly to any requests for additional information.

Step 3 – Claim your Award

Once your financial aid application file is complete, you will receive an award notification via email. Review your awards carefully. 

If your award includes loans, check the requirements page on your ULink account.

Step 4 – Disbursement

Your funds will be available for disbursement, provided that you qualify and complete all requirements. Some common things that prevent your aid from being disbursed:

  • You've not completed Direct loan entrance counseling.
  • You've not signed and submitted a master promissory note for your Direct loan and/or PLUS loan.
  • You've not registered for the minimum required hours (you must be enrolled at least half-time).