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Manage Your Money

College is often the first time you are managing money on your own. To keep track of your expenses, create a budget or a spending plan.

Budgeting Empowers You

Organize your finances with a budget so that you are in control ... not guessing whether you are able to meet your expenses every month. Develop and follow a spending plan so that you save money and prevent stress.

Spend Your Money Wisely

If you receive a financial aid refund,  the money is meant to help you pay for unbilled educational expenses, like books, travel, rent (if living off-campus), etc.

  • Keep track of your tuition bill and aid. Check ULink often.
  • Understand your income and expenses. Review your monthly spending.
  • Keep copies of your bills, record the amount paid, method paid, and the date payment was made.
  • Purchase used instead of new textbooks.
  • Live on campus to save money.
  • If living off-campus, find a roommate and purchase a commuter meal plan.
  • Get a part-time job.
  • Be creative when going on a date or an outing with friends. Students have access to many free events and discounts at local businesses.