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Enrollment Status

Degree Status

You must be enrolled in a degree program at UL Lafayette to qualify for university-administered financial aid.

Grant aid is not available if you are pursuing a second bachelor’s degree. Pell Grants are prorated for students who are not registered full-time.

You must be enrolled at least half-time to receive any type of student loan(s) and/or Federal Work Study.

  • Undergraduate half-time enrollment is 6 hours for fall/spring/summer semesters.
  • Graduate half-time enrollment is 5 hours for the fall/spring/summer semesters. 

If you enroll less than full-time, your eligibility will decrease and your financial aid may be reduced or canceled.

Classification Semester Full-time ¾ time ½ time
Undergraduate Fall, Spring, Summer 12+ hours 9-11 hours 6-8 hours
Graduate Fall, Spring, Summer 9+  hours 7-8 hours 5-6 hours
Remedial Coursework

You cannot receive financial aid for more than 30 credit hours of remedial coursework.

Summer Enrollment

Scholarships are available only for enrollment during the academic year. If you meet other eligibility criteria, federal direct loans and grant aid can be used for summer enrollment.

Click here to learn more about summer financial aid.

Summer Visitor

Students enrolled at the University for Summer only, currently pursuing a degree at another school (Summer Visitor), and who do not plan to attend a regular fall/spring semester at UL Lafayette are NOT eligible for Federal Student Aid at UL Lafayette.

Class Attendance

As a recipient of federal aid funds, you must attend all courses if you want to keep your financial assistance. Failure to attend class could result in a reduction or cancellation of your aid. You could be required to repay some or all of your financial aid, and you could lose your eligibility for future financial assistance.