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Federal Direct PLUS Loan

To be considered for a PLUS loan, please apply at

PLUS Loans are available to parent borrowers for dependent students. PLUS Loans are not based on financial need. A credit check is required; loans may not be approved for applicants who have adverse credit history.

PLUS Loans are also available to Graduate students.  GradPLUS loan are not based on financial need.  A credit check is required;  loans may not be approved for applicatns who have adverse credit history.

Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for a Federal Direct PLUS or Federal Direct GradPLUS Loan.

  • Parent/Graduate Student borrows from the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Long-term loan with a fixed interest rate of 7.60%.
  • Student must be enrolled at least half-time.
  • The annual loan limit is the student's cost of education, minus any other financial aid award and/or resources.
  • Repayment usually begins 60 days after the loan is fully disbursed.
  • NEW!   Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement.  The new features provide students, parents, and borrowers with clear, actionable information about the aid they have received and personalized guidance on the loan repayment process. While available to borrowers as of April 26, the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement is not required for loans disbursed for the 2020–21 Award Year.
  • Repayment begins six months after graduation or last date of at least half-time enrollment.